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Cyber Threat Intelligence Self Development Research

Project A, 1/21/21

I recently started a new personal research project with a hypothetical question:

“Has anyone helped DPRK develop their cyber program?”

I have a few theories that will need fleshing out before publishing here. Much research is to be done. Not only will this help me learn every aspect of historical DPRK cyber, I intend for it to help me understand the geo-political component for why certain decisions are made. I also need to learn how to document MUCH better than I had on previous projects. This is my #CTI self development project. The intent is to update the blog periodically or sporadically or whenever I find an appropriate stopping point or literally when I can (I’m finishing up grad school (priorities in place? ✅ ))

Unfinished Mind Map YO!

(Incomplete) References for above mindmap (updates will be made):


Group-IB_Lazarus.pdf (really good map!)

Researching, learning, documenting, and disseminating.